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FREEDOM BREAKTHROUGH 2.0 | What is Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem

What is affiliate stacking? What is affiliate eco stacking? I know all these terms can be confusing but on today’s video I’m gonna have a guest that’s gonna break it down to you and show you step by step on how to implement the affiliate eco stacking system guys. This is gonna be a good one today today’s guest is Jonathan Montoya.

He is an Affiliate Marketer that was able to quit his job after nine months. Now i know that sounds all great now being able to quit your job after nine months and you live the life of financial freedom but Jonathan actually opened up his laptop and shared with the world on how he was able to do it he’s now making over a hundred thousand dollars a month and on his way to making a million dollars this year. This guy is killing it using the Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem. Jonathan take it away!

Johnathan Montoya | Full-Time 6 Figure Affiliate Marketer

Hey Rob thank you so much for that incredible intro my man but more importantly i hope i could bring a ton of value to your audience so i can show them how they can leave their nine-to-five job and achieve that financial and time freedom so what i’m going to be talking about in this video is something called the affiliate stacking ecosystem now this is the most powerful thing on the planet that’s going to allow you to leave your nine-to-five job but more importantly give you that time and financial freedom because a lot of people will start businesses and they’re working 40 50 60 hours in that business but with the affiliate stacking ecosystem you set it up once and you have not only short-term income but you also have monthly reoccurring income for life. and i’m going to show you exactly how this works.

If you guys have never heard of affiliate marketing basically it’s finding a product becoming an affiliate of that product and selling that product and getting a commission it’s a very simple process and it’s the way that i was able to leave my nine to five job as an electrical engineer now most people

teach affiliate marketing this way right they they say to go find a product that you know you don’t even you’ve never bought before you just find a product become an affiliate and start selling it now his still works and it’ll still work for years and years to come but with the affiliate stacking ecosystem we’re building your business.

we’re building your brand for not only the short term but for the long term i’m going to show you exactly what i mean now i’m going to go into my computer here and i’m just going to walk you through this whole process okay now the way i teach this is in steps okay because what we want to do here is we want to promote other people’s products.

We don’t want to promote our own or we don’t want to make our own product because that’s going to take years you know a couple years to create our own product our own courses so what this is going to allow you to do is build your online business but with other people’s products okay. 

That’s affiliate marketing but with the affiliate stacking ecosystem we’re promoting multiple products but that makes sense to the customer and i’m going to walk you through an example and we’ll walk you through steps now.

Step number one with the affiliate stacking ecosystem and i’m gonna kind of write this down here okay is we we need to find a core offer now this core offer is really important this is where we’re gonna build our whole business around okay i’m gonna kind of walk you through you know we’re going to start right here with the main core offer and we’re going to kind of branch out.

I know there’s a lot of a lot of boxes in here a lot of stuff that probably doesn’t make sense but i’m going to explain it now with this main core offer is something that you truly believe in okay, now let me kind of give you some examples so let’s just say you’re in the health niche okay and you want to help people you know lose weight okay your main core product will probably be maybe a course on how to lose weight or you know maybe a program that you know shows people how to lose weight now.

This is usually a higher ticket product okay it could be upwards of $500 up to you know maybe $5,000 and that’s typically what you want to do with your main affiliate offer okay. Now the main offer is going to help people get that main result right. Let’s just say you know we’re we’re in the weight loss niche right the main result they want is they want to be able to lose weight.

Maybe it’s a it’s a it’s a woman that wants to lose weight or it’s a man that wants to lose weight gain muscle whatever it is right that mean core result okay so that being said that’s your main core offer that’s what we’re going to build our business around now as you can see here we then have supporting offers. So number one is we want to create or we want to find our main core offer and i’m going to show you guys how to do that in just a second all right.

Number two is we want to go ahead and find supporting offers okay now i’m going to take that keto example right or that weight loss example right let’s just say we have this weight loss course teaching people how to lose weight well with supporting offers we want to have other offers that make sense to that main affiliate offer okay this is what, where a lot of people go wrong. As you know they have a lot of products but they don’t make sense because you know they’re maybe promoting a weight loss offer then you know they’re promoting uh you know muscle gain offer and you know again we want to stay within our niche. 

Stay within that main core offer so that being said you know if we’re teaching people how to lose weight right let’s just say there’s  a course on how to lose weight that’s our main core offer then a supporting offer may be something like a like a tracking app right so this could be an app that you know that helps women or men to trying to lose weight to track their their calories or whatever it is right that could be the first supporting offer.

You know supporting offer number two can be like a weight loss protein shake right so you know this could be a protein shake right and obviously you got to go find companies that have these products become an affiliate stuff to like that right, but i’m just kind of giving you the overall picture okay now you can kind of see why this is making sense because you know you have that main core offer right, lose weight right here or it’s a course on how to lose weight.

Then you have these supporting offers that makes sense right. They’re supporting that main core offer right we’re not have we don’t have all these random offers that don’t make sense right and you can go on and off right. I recommend you having up to 20 even 30 supporting offers that help you know people get that main core result. Now let me kind of step back real quick and let me kind of explain where you can find these main core offers all right tons of places you can go.

The first one is google and you can just type in weight loss course affiliate program okay so you can go and find all kinds of uh you know places online or all kinds of courses online that have affiliate program that you can become and start promoting. One of the easier places you can go and this is kind of where i would recommend if you’re just starting out.

Go to a a place called and with clickbank they have literally hundreds of thousands of products. I personally don’t like clickbank products i don’t think they’re the best quality but this is a good place to start that way you can start figuring out a good product.

Let me see if i can find another product on google but this is a good place to start this is what i would recommend to kind of get some ideas right so you know you can go to clickbank here and you could go to somewhere called the marketplace. Under categories you’re going to want to click your category right again i’m showing you the health and fitness niche so if we click that you can kind of see there’s there’s some products here right you can see how much they’re paying out and kind of go in each product and see. Now i’m not saying clickbank products are all bad i mean what i would recommend is going through the products and you know if you if that’s something you believe in that that should be your main core product.

Okay, so that’s that’s what i would recommend you want to start doing your research on that and of course i dive super in depth on how to do that later on but right now this is just kind of how you get started right and then same thing right you’re going to want to look at different supporting offers that are going to help that main core offer, another thing i like to do is kind of do some research on it right so if you go to youtube right let’s just say we go to youtube you can go ahead and see what other people are doing right so for example you know weight loss right you can type in weight loss into youtube and see what other people are promoting okay. I like to go ahead and do my research and see what other people are promoting see the product, see the courses and you know you can kind of see inside of this description right or let’s just say how to lose weight.

You know let’s just say you’re helping women out right for women or for women okay so then i’m gonna start doing my research right so you know go one by one what is this girl promoting right i’m gonna go over here and i’m just literally gonna see what she’s doing okay i’m gonna go over here and what products is she promoting right like what is she actually how is she making money with this i’m gonna start looking at every single one of these products here okay obviously i’m not gonna do this right now but i’m gonna create like a document and i’m gonna start creating out this affiliate stacking ecosystem right maybe there’s a weight loss app maybe there’s a a protein shake maybe there’s a meal prep service right that could be another one right mill prep here okay and i’m not in the weight loss niche guys i’m just kind of giving you guys an idea okay.

This could be a supporting offer number three supporting offer number four could be something else right it could be i’m not  sure exactly what it is it could be a scale right something that just helps people with that main core offer okay so that’s kind of step two is you wanna find the supporting offers.

Now Step three guys and this is important okay this is how we start making money okay we gotta create the actual conversion system um that’s gonna allow us to build our business and brand around this affiliate stacking ecosystem so let me explain. So this is the the funnel here okay if you’ve never heard of a funnel i’m gonna kind of explain all right so right here is where you want to create something called the funnel i’m going to actually delete this here so it’s not so messy here but the next part right this is step number three is we want to create the system here okay. 

So we want to create the system because once we create this system then it becomes really easy to actually build this once and then it works for you passively 24/7 so you can eventually quit your job have financial freedom but more importantly time freedom right we don’t want to be working in our business every single day so next part is creating the system now obviously this goes in i can go into depth into this but for the most part the main goal of this system is we want to be building something called our email list okay

so we want to have something called an opt-in page right this is kind of how i build this out so this is kind of let me kind of explain all right this is something i called an opt-in page now the purpose of this page is to collect an email right so if i click on here okay i’m collecting an email now

This is the most important part guys at the end of the day if you don’t get anything out of this video and training you have to understand that the main goal of everything i’m teaching you guys is building this email list okay this is literally the most important part okay because now you know i get people’s information i get their email possibly their phone number their name and i’m building this email list okay now i’ve built my email list to over a hundred thousand people in less than a year guys and this is very powerful because let me explain why because now i can literally print money on demand.

Okay and this is no joke i can literally um you know i have this email list here right of like a hundred thousand people 100k i can go ahead and send people to my main core offer here or to my supporting offers stuff like that okay so this is where it becomes extremely powerful because now i can literally print money right because you know you start building this list it’s like oh well check out this product or check out this product or check out this course right and that’s where we start building our business right this is at the core part of my whole business.

This is the main this is all it is okay my whole business is based around this email list this is literally the most important part okay nothing is more important than that because um you know i i can literally lose my my youtube channel my tik-tok accounts everything but i still have my email list i can build my business back from nothing okay this is the this is the long-term thing

Okay now step number four is we want to build up the follow-up sequence okay so once we do this once we build out this uh this conversion system the funnel right.

Okay step number four is you wanna do the follow-up okay this is basically your email follow-up okay so this is uh this is where i start building trust with my audience okay so you know someone’s going to go to my page they’re going to enter their email and then most people are going to go to the main core offer here and they’re not going to buy okay that’s fine most people are not going to buy but where it becomes powerful is this follow-up because now i can then um follow up with them here right so for


You know first one’s maybe a welcome email hey you know my name is Jonathan i’m teaching you how to lose weight um whatever that you know whatever that core result is right so you know for me i teach people how to quit their nine-to-five job so that’s the email they would get when they opt-in to um my pages right, but then i can go ahead and start following up with them right the first email right here you know email number one or email number two but email number one is like hey i saw you didn’t buy you know the weight loss course that make money course whatever it is right whatever it is you’re doing then you just send them an email with a link to your main offer right.

So that’s kind of how i do it now more advanced and this is something i talk about later on but you know what i like to do is build brand and i like to build more trust with my audience so what i will typically do is i will send people to like maybe a facebook group where i can then um you know contact them even more maybe a youtube video this is a little bit more advanced we could talk about that in another video but basically what you need to look at here is you know even if you didn’t do youtube you didn’t do facebook.

That’s okay because now you can go ahead and um you know send people to your main core offer. you know offer number one, offer number two, offer number three, whatever it is right and this is where it becomes powerful this is kind of where i want to show you guys is this is my affiliate stacking ecosystem all right you know obviously i teach people how to quit their nine to five job that’s my main core offer but then with that you need a certain you need certain amount of tools right you need like you know you need a clickfunnels tool to build these pages you need something like a email autoresponder so you can do this right so you need all these tools to get that main core result right so i hope you can kind of understand what i’m trying to explain here.

 Okay now this is where it becomes powerful i want to show you guys um the power of this right so with this i’ve been able to generate um almost 700, 000 this year we should hit a million by the end of the year but what’s even more powerful is i have multiple products right for me i have up to you know 30 plus supporting offers that makes sense okay and because of that here’s just one of my offers here you know this one here makes me 5,000 a month literally by doing nothing right so this is what becomes extremely powerful because you can start making this recurring monthly income right here’s another one here this one makes me about almost a thousand dollars a month okay you can kind of see the power in this okay here’s another one here you know five thousand dollars okay this is these are just multiple tools that i have in my personal ecosystem right and of course you’re going to have your own ecosystem of your own products of your own main core offer stuff like that.

Okay now the last step here in this process is let me go back up is um just sending customers right so once we have this system set up you know you have you know step number one we have the main core offer step number two you have all the follow-up step number three you know you build out this system and then step number four you kind of build up the email follow-up the last step here is literally just driving traffic okay.

or customers okay you already have the system now what we gotta do is get people to these offers okay now there’s a ton of ways you can do that and this is where it becomes fun because this is where you can start um you know creating free content. You can run paid ads all kinds of stuff you can do right and this is kind of the low low-hanging fruit that you can do right 

Now to make you as much money as possible okay so um i use tik-tok right now okay this is a great way to generate traffic and customers right i can make these literally these super easy 15 second videos and they’re super easy guys it and what i would recommend right is once you create this system here just go and create content right and for me what i’m doing is i’m seeing what other people are doing i’m recreating it and just reposting it as my own okay so um all we’re doing is modeling successful content and and reposting okay and tik tok is literally the easiest way because you can create 15 to 30 second videos okay.

I mean you can see here you know i’m i can get you know 30,000 views uh 20,000 views and you know obviously that turns into cold hard cash right for me almost a million dollars this year um just with using free traffic like tik tok right and that’s kind of the goal here with the affiliate stacking ecosystem now another one here um and this is more in the long term and this is actually what i would recommend is creating a youtube channel now obviously youtube is a lot harder but this a youtube channel is going to be something that brings you traffic and customers for years and years to come passively right.

So what i teach my students is like hey let’s use tik-tok to get traffic very quickly but then for the long term we use youtube because youtube is going to be around forever and ever and these videos on here live on forever okay so that’s kind of what i want to teach right again i want you to i want you guys to get results as fast as possible but at the same time i also want you guys to have you know i want you to have a business for the long term okay so these are the two ways that i generate you free traffic and of course you can go ahead and run youtube ads, facebook ads, so many things you can do guys traffic is endless there’s so much traffic you guys can go and tap into.

Obviously there’s Pinterest there’s, facebook there’s google, there’s so many traffic sources guys um and that’s how the affiliate stacking ecosystem works right five simple steps but this right here is gonna help you leave your nine to five job it’s gonna help you build that life of true freedom and um you know freedom of financial freedom but time freedom as well guys so i hope this video was of value and um i just really wanted to show you kind of exactly what i do or what i did to leave my 9 to 5 job as an electrical engineer i went all in with my business i was able to leave a job that i absolutely hated you know driving two hours from work coming back and just not feeling fulfilled guys it’s not a good feeling um you know i was in a dark place when i was at my job i just wasn’t happy like i, i went to school i got a degree i was so happy to go i was so happy i got my job, i got my job it was awful you know some people like their jobs and that’s cool, i didn’t okay i wanted to build a business that i can have true financial and time freedom so i hope this video was of value you guys again my name is Jonathan Montoya and thank you so much for having me on this video and we’ll see you guys on the next one.

Rob Moore Jr | Affiliate Marketer

oh my gosh thank you Jonathan for coming on to my channel to dropping them nuggets so if you want to go through step-by-step training on this course with Jonathan and myself click on the first link in the description below.

Jonathan thank you once again for coming on my channel and dropping those nuggets until next time guys bye for now.